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Hurricane Electric reduces pricing (again)

Dear Channel Partners: 

Today, Hurricane Electric has reduced pricing for flat-rate IP Transit ports at our POPs in mainland North America and Europe, and in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo (by $0.01 to $0.02/Mbps -- now as low as $0.13/Mbps).  

We've also reduced pricing on burstable ports in these markets (by $0.10/Mbps). 

We've changed the IPv4 allocation included with any IP Transit at no charge: now up to a /27 (32 IPv4 addresses, of which 3 are used for network, gateway, and broadcast addresses; always subject to justification per ARIN requirements).  

Finally, we've further reduced North America and European Intracontinental Layer 2 Transport pricing (by $50/month for 1Gbps L2T, and by $250/month for 10Gbps L2T).

Hurricane Electric - Quick Pricing Recap (effective March 12, 2018): 

        • Flat-rate 10Gbps-on-10GE IP Transit service at most mainland US or European POPs, with $0 setup: $1,600/month (3-year term; was $1,700/mo).  
        • Flat-rate 1Gbps-on-10GE IP Transit service at any POP in mainland North American or Europe, and in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore, with $0 setup: $ 360/month (3-year term; was $380/mo). 

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        Mark Welch, Channel Sales, 

        Hurricane Electric Internet Services 

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