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HE new POPs: Sydney & Nashville.

Hurricane Electric has just turned up our newest Points of Presence (POPs), at Equinix SY1 in Sydney, Australia and at 365 Data Centers in Nashville, Tennessee.

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HE.NET has 21 more pending POPs (beyond the 140 already live):

  1. Equinix Melbourne ME1, Australia
  2. HK Colo, Hong Kong
  3. Equinix Dublin DB1, Ireland
  4. Equinix Dublin DB3, Ireland
  5. Equinix Frankfurt FR7, Germany
  6. Equinix Frankfurt FR2, Germany
  7. Equinix London LD5, England, United Kingdom
  8. Equinix London LD9, England, United Kingdom
  9. Equinix Manchester MA3, England, United Kingdom
  10. Equinix Manchester MA2, England, United Kingdom
  11. Equinix Stockholm SK2, Sweden
  12. Equinix Zurich ZH4, Switzerland
  13. 365 Data Centers, Tampa, Florida
  14. Roller Network, Reno, Nevada
  15. Pixel Factory, Richmond, VA
  16. Edgeconnex Phoenix (Tempe), Arizona
  17. Edgeconnex Las Vegas, Nevada
  18. Edgeconnex Portland (Hillsboro), Oregon
  19. Edgeconnex Salt Lake City, Utah
  20. Equinix Miami MI3, Boca Raton, Florida
  21. Telehouse Teleport, Staten Island, New York City