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HE.NET: Enhanced Services, Enhanced Commissions

Earn Double or Triple our standard % on entire MRC (evergreen)

[July 6, 2016]

Hurricane Electric added "Enhanced Commission" opportunities in late December.

So far, very few agents have promoted our Enhanced Services -- even though they can double or triple your commission on the entire order.

Yet we've actually had customers add their own Enhanced Services, without any agent involvement (one by adding an IPv4 address block and another by adding additional BGP/VLAN sessions). As soon as those items were added to the MRC, we began paying the agents the higher Enhanced Commission percentage on the total MRC.

Don't wait for your customer to self-select Enhanced Services: be proactive!

"Enhanced Services" include these IP Transit (network bandwidth) services:

  • a. Additional IPv4 address blocks;
  • b. Additional BGP sessions and/or VLANs;
  • c. Managed Security Service;
  • d. Enhanced Traffic Analysis Reports;
  • e. Cross-connect fees;

and these Colocation (data center) services:

  • f. Colocation storage cabinet (unpowered);
  • g. Second Power Circuit in a colocation cabinet.

How it works: For each customer, we pay a commission of:

  • TRIPLE our standard % of MRC, if 15% or more of the MRC comes from "enhanced services";
  • DOUBLE our standard % of MRC, if 10% (but < 15%) of the MRC comes from "enhanced services";
  • Our standard % of MRC, otherwise.

Again, this is a percentage of the entire MRC, not just on the enhanced service component -- and the commission is evergreen.

We also pay a $1,000 bonus for every "new-ASN customer."

Ask me for our one-page PDFs, one with commission examples, and the other describing our Managed Security Service.

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