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Fast Quote, Fast Turn-Up (same day, next day)

[March 10, 2016]

How fast can Hurricane Electric turn up new service?

Today (March 10, 2016):

  • At 10:03, an agent requested an IP Transit quote, for an existing customer at our Fremont 2 datacenter.
  • At 10:21, we emailed the quote.
  • At 10:56, the agent emailed the signed order.
  • At 11:28, we discussed the media/connection type with the customer.
  • At 12:14, our provisioning team emailed questions to the customer.
  • At 12:41, our team completed the cross-connect.
  • At 12:41, customer answered our provisioning questions.
  • At 3:56pm, we notified customer that the port (with BGP) was configured, enabled, and ready for service.

(Since the customer didn't need the service until tomorrow, I didn't ask for rush service.)

  • No, this is not typical, but same-day and next-day turn-ups are common here.
  • Your mileage may vary. Professional driver on closed course.