Hurricane Electric

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Pricing Reduced 75% in Tokyo & Hong Kong (IP Transit, bandwidth)

[November 1, 2016] Hurricane Electric has adjusted some pricing, with one very significant change:

Pricing in Tokyo and Hong Kong has been reduced to the same as our non-promo NA/EU rates:

  • 1Gbps: $390/month (3yr) [formerly $2,000/month]
  • 10Gbps: $3,000/mo (3yr) [formerly $10,000/month]
  • Across IXP: 1Gbps $400/mo + $600/Gbps overage. [formerly $2,000/month+]

Pricing is unchanged for other Asia locations, and for Sao Paulo and Honolulu.

Layer 2 Transport pricing has also been reduced (by $100/month, for intracontinental US or EU), and Layer 2 rates to Tokyo and Hong Kong are now standard NA/EU Intercontinental rates.

We've also added a new Fremont colocation option: a non-shared cabinet special for $300/month including 1Gbps and up to 10U space plus up to 5 amps power (120 volt).

These changes are not yet reflected in the Channel Portal.