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Fast Turn-Up (Hurricane Electric IP Transit)

[Jan. 17, 2017] A new customer sought to turn up new IP Transit service across an IXP (internet exchange point), today. (No "rush" or special treatment was requested.)

  • 11:18: Customer provides complete order.
  • 14:42: HE processes customer's initial payment.
  • 14:54: HE provisioning department asks for existing customer prefixes.
  • 15:07: Customer confirms prefixes.
  • 15:24: Customer requests additional IPv4 block.
  • 15:34: HE provisioning department allocates and enables new IPv4 block.
  • 15:36: HE confirms that service is turned up and LIVE!

(That's 4 hours, 18 minutes from order to live service.)

We love our customers!


Your mileage may vary. Professional driver on closed course. :-)

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