Hurricane Electric


​Have You Asked Your Master Agent about Hurricane Electric?

[March 22, 2016]

Over our company's 22-year history, we've achieved remarkable name recognition among network engineers. But at the Channel Partners Conference in Las Vegas last week, we met many salespeople who weren't yet familiar with Hurricane Electric's IP Transit (network bandwidth) or colocation offerings. Let's fix that!

A quick introduction: Hurricane Electric provides global IP Transit (network bandwidth) at 98 Points of Presence (POPs) in data centers worldwide. Our internet backbone connects to more networks (ASNs) than any other network; we've been the IPv6 leader for more than a decade, and this year we became the most-connected IPv4 network also. (Lower latency, fewer hops.)

While network engineers love our low latency and IPv6 leadership, our aggressive pricing is often what gets the attention of purchasers. We offer flat-rate gigabit (1Gbps-on-GigE) service from $340/month at most North American and European POPs, and 10Gbps service from $2,200 at most US and European POPs.

Hurricane Electric also owns and operates two colocation data centers in Fremont, California. Following a recent build-out, we now offer a remarkable special: a full cabinet with 1Gbps for only $400/month (any term from 3 to 36 months).

We've also recently improved our Channel Program to offer higher residual commissions. Please ask your Master Agent about us, and if they don't include our services, consider signing as a direct agent.

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